For about 6 years and counting, one doctor in the eye care industry has become unbeaten in his line of expertise; he is a renowned and widely recognized ophthalmologist at the state of New Jersey. His name is no other than Dr. Hitesh Patel Edison; he is the man responsible for the huge success and growth of the organization PEA or Patel Eye Associates. As founder and head operator of the PEA establishment, Hitesh gathered all the highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the ophthalmology realm in one place, and additionally, apart from having an entity that houses the finest line up of experts. Hitesh also put up the Patel Eye Care and Rehabilitation Foundation, a place where people who are less fortunate to acquire services for their eye treatments and operations can have the possibility to acquire the medication attention they need.

But before Dr. Hitesh Patel Edison reached this point in his career, he admits that he too had his own fair share of struggles and sacrifices to reach for his aspirations. Just like any other doctor, Hitesh studied medicine for 4 years and have graduated at the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On the year 1993 after finishing his collegiate years, Hitesh decided that the next step he needed to take is getting an internship at the Crozer Chester Medical Center. Naturally, after completing the internship at Crozer, Hitesh went on to further expand his skill and knowledge in the field, and for that reason he committed his next upcoming years to residency training. His residency lasted for many years; he received his post doctoral training at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and University of Medicine and Dentistry at New Jersey. Only by completing all these necessary steps that Hitesh devoted himself into; was he able to finally admit to himself that he is completely legitimate of calling himself a doctor.

Dr. Hitesh Patel Edison is very submerged and very passionate about what he does, he doesn’t let potential clients and patients walk out of his clinic without even getting to know him. Hitesh values every patient highly, he treats them like family, and that is of no surprise because he has clients who has acquired his services many years ago and still recommend him to the friends and families. Dr. Hitesh is more than just an ophthalmologist, he is a genius in the practice utilizing all cutting edge available technology to help speed up and improve the results and performance of the operations that he conducts. Whenever a certain individual is having the hardest time with his vision, Dr. Hitesh is easily challenged with every case; he aims to provide fast and accurate treatments for people who need immediate attention.


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